Q: How do we purchase from you?

A: We only do sales from our location. No sales are done over the phone or online.


Q: What’s the catch?

A: Absolutely no catch!


Q: Will our seats be all the way in the back?

A:  No.  Seating is done by the individual theaters and based upon availability. 


Q: Do you carry all the shows?

A: No. Not all of the shows offer a 2 for 1 discount, but we do carry 95% of them.  Please view our show page for a list of the ones we offer.


Q: Do you only sell in pairs?

A: No.  Even though our business model is 2 for 1, we are able to do individual pricing. 


Q: How can you sell tickets this low?

A: We contract directly with the shows and theaters to help fill their seats. 


Q: What about kids tickets?

A: For many shows we do sell kids tickets at a discount price, but it varies with each show.